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MONTESSORI TOY - Just Blocks Wooden Blocks

Author: Agata Date Added: 20-10-2023

MONTESSORI TOY - Just Blocks Wooden Blocks

Just Blocks are the ideal toy for children aligned with the Montessori philosophy. Maria Montessori, an Italian doctor and educator, developed a method of children's education based on the concept of free work and self-education. Our wooden blocks fit perfectly into this philosophy, which promotes the use of a child's natural abilities such as curiosity, a desire to experiment, and a continuous search for knowledge.

We offer a variety of Montessori wooden block sets that allow children to play and experiment freely. The lack of detailed instructions encourages children to be fully creative and build their own structures. This encourages independent problem-solving and the development of spatial imagination.

Our Just Blocks provide a variety of elements, which is great for developing children's manual skills and motor coordination. Maria Montessori emphasized the need for freedom and autonomy in developing independence and skills in children. In this spirit, Just Blocks offer unlimited play and development opportunities.

Montessori toys from Just Blocks are perfect for group play because they are made of high-quality wood and are suitable for all age groups. They make an excellent educational resource that grows with the child.

In summary, Just Blocks are the ideal choice for preschools, Montessori schools, and home use. If you are looking for a toy that will provide your child with educational and creative experiences, Just Blocks wooden blocks are the perfect choice.

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