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Just Blocks is a brand created for children. We are both a small family company and parents. We know very well how hard it is to find and invest in a toy that will not kill creativity in your child and at the same time will develop its imagination, without boring him/her after a few minutes of play. We have created wooden blocks that our own children have fallen in love with. On their example, we observe how incredible and creative fun they are able to have. We started from combining several blocks, and over time we managed to create impressive structures. We have been learning from our children and we continue to do so.

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Simply wood

Just Blocks are made of ecological beech wood, without the use of any chemicals in form of paints, impregnates or oils. Each element of the set is hand polished, and its surface is smooth and nice to touch. Wood has natural antibacterial properties and is not sensitizing. Wood surface is not prone to the accumulation of electrostatic load, thus no dust and bacteria accumulate on the surface of the blocks. The blocks are very safe for allergy sufferers.
Justblock wooden blocks

What will you find in the box?

The set contains wooden elements, divided into four categories. The size and shape of the particular blocks have been thoroughly researched and analysed, in order to support the child’s motor skills and brain development. Constructing structures using Just Blocks allows to develop small motor skills, hand – eye coordination and manual skills and to exercise hand and finger muscles. The prepared set of blocks does not force the child to play in a specific way. Contrary to that, the children have the chance to use their own imagination. While building various structures, the child has a chance to familiarise him/herself with the cause and effect phenomenon, can take up challenges and can gain experience and find the limit of his/her abilities. Plastic toys have a closed form and greatly limit the leeway, not leaving the place for the child’s imagination. When using Just Blocks, the young constructor, thanks to his creativity, is able to proceed through the entire creative course of the play process. Just Blocks will develop your child’s spatial imagination and will be a veritable revolution for his/her brain.
Basic bold wooden block
Basic bold block
Flat large wooden block
Flat large
Flat medium wooden block
Flat medium
Stick wooden block



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