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Delivery Time

Orders are shipped within two business days. We use the renowned courier company DHL, guaranteeing fast and affordable delivery.

RANDOM EVENTS We make every effort to ensure that your orders are processed as quickly as possible. However, there may be events beyond our control that could result in damage to the shipment or cause it not to reach its destination within the specified timeframe. We are not responsible for these events. We will deliver the shipment only to the address provided in the appropriate field of the order form, so it is very important that it is the correct and current address. We are not liable for losses incurred due to providing incorrect delivery information (especially an incorrect address). We are not responsible for losses or damage to the shipment sent according to the information provided by the customer. We strive to deliver the order within the specified time, but we cannot guarantee this. If delivery is delayed due to reasons beyond our control, the delivery time will be extended accordingly. At the time of delivery of the order to the customer, the customer becomes the sole owner of the ordered goods and assumes full responsibility for them (from this moment we are not responsible for damage or destruction of the goods). Therefore, to avoid problems with reimbursement for damaged goods by the carrier, please always open the package in their presence.

OWNERSHIP AND RESPONSIBILITY The responsibility for damage or loss of goods falls on the customer upon delivery of the order to them or in the case of non-collection by the customer within the agreed-upon time. Goods delivered to the specified delivery address become the customer's property upon receipt and upon us receiving the total amount due.

LIMITATIONS AND LIABILITY If the received shipment contains a different item than ordered, or if the goods are damaged, incomplete, or the quantity is incorrect, the customer must notify us in writing within 7 working days of receiving the goods. Otherwise, we are not responsible for losses. If the customer does not receive the ordered goods within 30 days from the order date, they must inform us within 60 days of the order date. Otherwise, we are not responsible for losses. If, after receiving the goods, the customer discovers discrepancies or defects, they have the option to choose from the following solutions:

  • Sending the missing goods.
  • Replacement or repair of damaged or faulty goods.
  • Reimbursement for defective goods in a manner chosen by us.

The above solutions cannot be applied if the damage or defect resulted from the customer's negligence or failure to follow any instructions issued by us. We are not liable for any indirect or consequential losses, damages, or costs (including loss of business or profits) under any circumstances not described in these terms or in the law. Our total liability arising from these terms cannot exceed the amount paid for the goods by the customer. The customer is obligated to comply with all regulations and legal acts, including obtaining all necessary permits required for purchases through our website. We assume no responsibility for the import or export of purchased goods. None of the above conditions exempt us from liability under the laws of Poland. The user understands and accepts all the conditions outlined in these terms. Delivery is only possible within the country from which the order was placed.

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