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Just Blocks City set with 68 elements in cardboard packaging.Colorful blocks with city prints.Wooden city blocks.Colorful elements from the city toy.Construction set for children to build a city.Children are playing with the creative set Just Blocks City.Construction play in building a city.Wooden toy city made from beech wood.Building a small city from wooden blocks.CITY Set 68 pcs
Just Blocks City set with 68 elements in cardboard packaging.
Colorful blocks with city prints.
Wooden city blocks.
Colorful elements from the city toy.
Construction set for children to build a city.
Children are playing with the creative set Just Blocks City.
Construction play in building a city.
Wooden toy city made from beech wood.
Building a small city from wooden blocks.
CITY Set 68 pcs

CITY Set 68 pcs

The set contains 68 elements: 

  4 Printed, flat medium blocks
  8 Printed, flat large blocks
30 Single-side printed cubes
  1 Plain cubes
25 Stick blocks

Price: 66.00 Euro

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  • Product description

Discover the enchanting City Blocks Set 

With 68 natural pieces in 4 unique shapes, this smaller version of our City Blocks set offers rich, colorful designs to ignite creativity.

Featuring modern blocks in 4 shapes with captivating imprinted designs, children can choose from 34 unique funky graphics, including bicycles, recycling bins, and electric car chargers. The set is adorned with greenery, animals, and cheerful residents, inviting kids to immerse themselves in vibrant city life.

With open-ended materials, children can dictate the size of buildings, layout of roads, and more, shaping urban infrastructure according to their imagination.

Encourage eco-conscious play by designing a city with more green spaces than concrete!
Our playset inspires children to:

• Support local health and wellbeing
• Foster social areas for mingling and friendship
• Plant trees, create parks, and reduce pollution
• Promote recycling and prioritize bicycles over cars
• Create a pet-friendly environment

This smaller version of our City Blocks set, comprising 68 elements, makes a perfect gift for children, encouraging imaginative city planning.

The set presents 42 graphics:

12 windows, 2 doors,1 tree,1 bush,1 outside wall with cat,1 bicycle,1 cash machine,1 electric car charger,1 recycling bin, 1 brick wall, 1 market stall, 2 roofs , 2 stairs , 1 fire hydrant, 2 balcony railings , 6 roads , 2 parking lots , 2 zebra crossings , 2 roundabouts , 25 plain sticks, 1 plain cube 

Material: Beech wood and plywood
Cardboard packaging
Box dimensions: 240x215x112  mm
Weight: 3 kg
Dedicated to children 3+
Compliant with EN-71 and ASTM F963-17 standards

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