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City Set

City building set for two-year-olds.

CITY Set 20 pcs

25.00 Euro
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Just Blocks City set with 68 elements in cardboard packaging.

CITY Set 68 pcs

66.00 Euro
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City building blocks with cardboard packaging.

CITY Set 160 pcs

129.00 Euro
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Large pack of wooden blocks for playing and building a city.

CITY Set 324 pcs

259.00 Euro
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Create Your Own City with Our Wooden Building Blocks: We offer a unique set of wooden building blocks that not only provide endless fun but also inspire the construction of your own city. Our wooden city building blocks are more than just toys; they provide the opportunity to create streets, squares, and buildings, fostering imagination and planning skills. Playing with the city block set not only delivers entertainment but also serves an educational purpose, teaching children basic concepts related to the city, such as roads, buildings, and vehicles. It's the perfect set for young builders who want to explore the joy of creating and managing their own city. Initiate creative play with our city block set, consisting of educational elements, perfect for playing with cars and developing planning and construction skills.

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