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Natural Wooden Blocks 68 pcsconstruction of modern building made of wooden blocksconstruction of modern design for kidsconstruction of wooden parking lot with toy carsconstruction of a tower made of 68 blocksthe set of 68 wooden blocks and cardboard packagingthe construction of highway with wooden cars
Natural Wooden Blocks 68 pcs
construction of modern building made of wooden blocks
construction of modern design for kids
construction of wooden parking lot with toy cars
construction of a tower made of 68 blocks
the set of 68 wooden blocks and cardboard packaging
the construction of highway with wooden cars

Natural Wooden Blocks 68 pcs

The set contains 68 elements:

25 stick blocks
31 plain cubes
 4 flat medium blocks
 8 flat large blocks

Price: 49.00 Euro

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  • Product description

Wooden Blocks by Just Blocks - Endless Play Possibilities

Natural wooden building blocks for creative, open-ended play: These unique wooden blocks set is a combination of traditional wooden toy and modern design toy that encourage children to experiment during imaginative and play with endless construction possibilities.

Imagination first: The set contains wooden blocks divided into four types: wooden cubes, flat blocks and small wooden sticks. The size and shape of wooden elements have been carefully tested and chosen to support the motor skills and cognitive development of the child. 

Stay creative with wooden blocks: They are great toy for open-ended play to let children experiment without boundaries and also in constructive play which is rather organised and more goal-oriented. Wooden blocks by Just Blocks encourage the creation of vast spatial constructions. Each play is different because every building is unique.

Play and learn: Wooden blocks by Just Blocks develops children's spatial imagination and supports their development at every stage. They are perfect for family play at home and for group play in educational institutions like kindergartens, schools, child care centers, camps and workshops for children. They also make excellent educational materials for homeschooling and for sensory play with kids with special needs. These wooden blocks are an educational toy that works great as a teaching material for Montessori, Waldorf or Reggio Emilia approaches.

Wooden toy as a gift: Eco-friendly blocks from Just Blocks are the perfect present for a child, accompanying them throughout their entire childhood. The set of blocks can be easily combined with other children's toys: figurines, rainbows, or toy cars. It all depends on the child's imagination and creativity.

Quality toy: Just Blocks wooden toys are crafted from high-quality beech wood and plywood, meeting EN 71 and ASTM requirements for safety and sustainability, ensuring a safe play experience for children.

Less is more, you have to get creative and take initiative!

Product specifications:

Material: beech wood and plywood
Made in Poland (EU)
Eco-friendly, cardboard packaging
Weight 3kg
Box dimensions: 240x215x112 mm

Dedicated for play from 3 to 99 years
Complies with EN 71 and ASTM F963-17

Wooden Blocks Just Blocks were designed by parents for kids so they are truly made with love.

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