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construction blocks made of beech woodCity construction made of wooden blocks.The girl is playing with sensory blocks.City constructed from wooden building blocks.The girl is arranging a set of Smart Lines blocks.Wooden parking lot for toy cars and the boy playing blocks.The Smart Lines toy set for children.The boy is playing with wooden building blocks.Wooden cubes of the Smart Lines toy set.Wooden elements of the Smart Lines toy set for children.
construction blocks made of beech wood
City construction made of wooden blocks.
The girl is playing with sensory blocks.
City constructed from wooden building blocks.
The girl is arranging a set of Smart Lines blocks.
Wooden parking lot for toy cars and the boy playing blocks.
The Smart Lines toy set for children.
The boy is playing with wooden building blocks.
Wooden cubes of the Smart Lines toy set.
Wooden elements of the Smart Lines toy set for children.

Construction Blocks SMART LINES 160 pcs

 The set contains 160 elements:

 14 Vertical line blocks
 20 Crossing line blocks
 20 Diagonal line blocks
 20 Horizontal line blocks
 50 Stick blocks
 12 Flat medium blocks
 24 Flat large blocks

Price: 119.00 Euro

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  • Product description

Construction blocks Smart Lines - Unlock Creativity and Development in One Set!

Smart Lines wooden blocks offer a unique and sensory-rich play experience with their meticulously crafted design. Each cube, made from premium beech wood, features intricate grooves that add depth and texture to playtime. The precision-milled lines on cube blocks seamlessly align with flat blocks, ensuring stability in every structure.

With four different Smart Lines to select from - horizontal, vertical, crossing, and diagonal - children are prompted to engage in strategic thinking as they rotate blocks to find the perfect connection to flat elements and experiment with alternative line configurations.

This set comprises 160 elements, catering to budding builders and architecture enthusiasts of all ages. It serves as an exceptional resource for working with children with sensory integration disorders, fostering hand-eye coordination and concentration through the act of building.

Crafted from natural beech wood and plywood, these wooden blocks not only stimulate tactile senses but also promote eco-consciousness from an early age, enhancing the sensory play experience.

Ideal for both structured tasks in educational settings and open-ended play, Smart Lines empower children to explore their creativity and spatial reasoning. They can connect blocks to form intricate patterns and structures, nurturing not only manual dexterity but also imaginative and logical thinking skills.

Planning and building spatial constructions with Smart Lines blocks is a challenging task and an excellent exercise in concentration, enhancing fine motor skills and focused attention.

The set can be seamlessly integrated into play with classic Just Blocks Natural as well as City and Gaia sets.

Equip your child with the tools to delve into the realms of construction, design, and precise coordination. Choose natural wooden blocks for enriching, educational play experiences!


Material: Beech wood, plywood
Packaging: Eco-friendly cardboard
Box Size: 483x230x140mm
Weight: 7.5 kg
Dedicated for play from 3 to 99 years
Compliant with ASTM F963 and EN-71 (parts 1, 2, 3)


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