Terms & Conditions

 The following rules and regulations define how to purchase JUST BLOCKS:
  1. The Customer places an order using the Just Blocks website. Next, the Customer confirms the purchase by making the payment within 2 working days from placing the order. The payment is the price stated by the product enhanced by shipping costs. In the title of the money transfer, the Customer is obliged to enter the order number. We begin to process the order after the payment has been credited to our account.
  2. To finalize the purchase, the Customer is obliged to provide their personal information - name, last name, and a detailed shipping address including postal code and a contact phone. Providing the personal information is necessary for conducting the purchase transaction. It is in the Customer’s interest to provide correct information that will make it possible to contact the Customer.
  3. The Buyer’s personal information will be entered in the Just Blocks database only for the purpose of processing purchase orders. It will not be shared with other subjects. The Buyer has the right to view and change their information.
  4.  Placing an order in the shop means accepting these rules and regulations. The pictures serve as examples only. To build larger constructions (as in the photographs), more blocks are needed. We conduct sale until our inventory is exhausted. If it is, please email us for information when the next batch of the product will be available.
  5. The toys in the photographs are not part of the set being offered.