CITY big

Contains 324 pieces:

32 Plain cubes
100 Stick blocks
120 Single-side printed cubes
48 Printed, flat large blocks
24 Printed, flat medium blocks

There are modern blocks in 4 shapes enriched with imprinted designs. The fun is to choose among 34 unique funky graphics.

The kids will find a bicycle, a recycling bin or an electric car charger. There is lots of greenery, animals and cheerful residents.

Play and get the most out of your city life!

With our open-ended material kids can decide about the size of buildings, direction of roads and many more. It's their choice how the urban infrastructure will look like!

Design your own city & build with sustainability in mind.

We created our new playset thinking about the little ones who will one day co-create and build our planet. We encourage kids to design in their own way and:

  • support health and wellbeing of the local people
  • create areas to mix, meet and make friends
  • plant trees, grow grass, create parks (more green than  concrete)
  • reduce pollution & build electric car charging spots
  • promote recycling
  • use bikes over cars 
  • make your city pet friendly
Kids have 192 single-side printed elements at their disposal:
48 windows 
8 doors
4 trees
4 bushes 
4 outside walls with cat 
4 bicycles 
4 cash machines
4 electric car chargers
4 recycling bins
8 brick walls
4 market stalls
8 roofs 
8 stairs 
4 fire hydrants
8 balcony railings  
40 roads 
8 parking lots 
12 zebra crossings 
12 roundabouts 

Box size: 573x330x158 mm         
Weight: 15kg
This product conforms to Standard Consummer Safety Specification for Toy Safety (ASTM F963) and Europen toy safety Requirement EN-71 part 1, 2 and 3.
WARNING: Chocking hazard-Small parts.
Not for children under 3 years.
For non EU delivery - please contact us to receive a shipping costs quote.